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HQ3 is an innovative web based application, designed to help you and your team manage and market multiple health services. It is loaded with tons of neat features that have been specifically requested by pharmacists and doctors. Preferences allow you to use HQ3 how you want to, using only the features you want, with the click of a button. From online booking to pre and post appointment management, HQ3 will help you expand your services and provide exceptional patient care.
  • Guided setup and training
  • Online knowledge base
  • Automatic system upgrades
  • Live toll free help line
  • Fully customizable to fit your business
HQ3 is designed for success and getting started is easy! Our support team will help ensure you have everything in place before going live.

HQ3 provides the infrastructure to support travel clinics in pharmacies. Whether you are qualified to conduct the clinic on your own or require the assistance of a qualified specialist, we can help get you started. HQ3 also provides the platform for you to utilize medical directives, offer remote consultations, send opinion requests and refer patients to a specialist when needed.
  • Capture the patients travel itinerary online
  • Access an international disease state database with direct access into the CDC
  • Travel specific action plan with pre-defined recommendation options
  • Top priority listing on TravelHealthClinics.ca (one of the largest travel clinic directories in Canada) that links directly to your public booking site
Read more about online booking, follow-up shot management, pre-populated & customizable drug database & service specific questionnaires.

HQ3 can help you become a regular provider of vaccinations in your community.
  • Vaccine specific questionnaires
  • Follow-up shot management
  • User prescribing authority management
  • Observation required tracker
HQ3 also provides the platform for you to utilize medical directives, offer remote consultations, send opinion requests and refer patients to a specialist when needed.

Read more about online booking, follow-up shot management, pre-populated & customizable drug database & service specific questionnaires.

HQ3 provides the infrastructure needed to deliver top quality health clinics and contributes to high compliance levels and the best in patient care.
  • Reference materials and patient handouts available
  • Have access to all of our health clinics such as MedsCheck, Smoking Cessation, Hormone Consultations, Lifestyle Modification and more
  • Streamlines the flow of information to and from patients
  • Organize and generate valuable wellness tools such as a personalized action plan that helps you identify patients goals
  • Get the most out of government funded programs
  • Follow-up appointment management
  • Special follow-up appointment questionannaires
You can pick and choose which service lines you would like to have available to use, and turn them on or off as needed. We are always adding new service lines. To see our current list and status of each click the link below to download our service line status document.

Read more about online booking, follow-up appt management, pre-populated & customizable drug database & service specific questionnaires.

Appointments are managed and easily identified with a number of differentiating factors. At a glance you will know who the appointment is for, what they are coming for, how the appointment was booked, whether it's a follow-up or not, whether they have filled out their questionnaire or not and more.
  • Duplicate appointment function
  • Missed appointment notifications
  • Patients can reschedule their own appointment online
  • Internal notifications for patients online booking activity
  • Reminder emails & appointment status updates
  • Staff can easily access appointments when the patient calls to make an update
  • Follow-up appointment management
... and more!

The online booking site provides your patients with an understanding of your service offerings and available appointment times. It records their patient information and makes booking & rescheduling an appointment for themselves or for their families easy.

After booking they will receive a confirmation email with a request for them to fill out the service specific questionnaire. Our goal is to keep the actual booking process as brief as possible and then to solicit the detailed information at the patients convenience. This means faster service for them, and you will obtain all required information before the patient even arrives for their appointment. Plus, you don’t have to worry about paper forms and clip boards so you are free to focus on health care and not data entry during the appointment.

HQ3 makes managing schedules for multiple service lines with multiple health care professionals as easy as possible. The online booking system always knows exactly how many time slots should be available for each service line for patient appointments.

With lots of flexibility from service specific appointment lengths and patients per time slot to adding breaks and non-service days, you will be able to create a schedule that works for you and your team.

HQ3 is supplied with a pre-populated, customizable drug database which includes an inventory management system. The drug database helps you manage dosing type, follow-up shots, drug instructions, fees & more!
  • Manage inventory and save time entering details during appts
  • Add instruction options with default drug instruction selection
  • Configure different dosages with unique follow-up shot schedules and instructions
  • Categorize drugs for reporting and prescribing authority
  • Manage booster shots
  • Manage medical directives
... and more!

All patient reports and management reports within HQ3 are only a click away.

HQ3 streamlines and dynamically generates all patient reports. From prescriptions and consent forms to personal test results and clinic reports that can be printed or emailed. This means less time filling out paperwork. You can even email the patients family doctor a courtesy report recapping your appointment.

A number of management reports from general activity and drug reports, to public booking hours and schedules can be generated at any time or scheduled to be delivered right to your inbox.

HQ3 ensures you never miss a patients follow-up appointment. This means much higher levels of adherence and better health outcomes.

Follow-up appointments can be based on a drug schedule or a service line schedule, and booked automatically or based on reminders.

HQ3 provides many different email templates used for communicating with your patients and internal notifications.
  • Appointment confirmation emails that can allow the patient to reschedule their own appointment
  • Reminder email that requests the patient confirm their upcoming appointment
  • Missed appointment notifications
  • Follow-up required reminder email with link for patients to book follow-up appointments online
  • Send reports to the patient, including: Prescription, action plan, test results, ect.
  • Internal notifications that can be sent to whomever specified, including: Appt booked online, Appt rescheduled by patient, Public booking hours running out, ect.
  • Custom delivery schedule for many

Getting started with HQ3 is easy and designed for success.

Our support team will make sure you and your staff have everything in place and ready to go before going live. With guided setup and training, automatic system upgrades, an online knowledge base and live toll free help line, we are always here to help.

Medical advisors are health care specialists that are offering their expertise by providing one or more of the following services: remote consultations, medical directives, opinion requests and/or accepting referrals.

HQ3 provides the platform for you to conduct your business with the assistance of medical advisors. There are additional fee’s associated with medical advisor services.

Questionnaires are fully customizable and tailored specifically for each service line. There are 4 different types of questionnaires including one just for follow-up appointments.
  • Use our default questionnaires, edit or create your own
  • Many different question types and answer options including: Multiple Choice, Checkbox, Text Box, Calculation, List/Chart input, ect.
  • Internal alerts with custom notes based on patient answers
  • Specify mandatory or not
  • Specify if an explanation for certain answers is mandatory or not
  • Prevent booking for certain appointments based on certain answers
  • PDF's can be printed for those who are not able to fill it out online
  • Other custom questionnaires for special services also available
  • ... and more!

Service lines represent the different types of appointments you can offer based on service (IE: Travel Consults, Shingles Vaccination, Smoking Cessation, MedsCheck, Heart Health ect). There are 3 different categories that the service lines fall into: Travel Services, General Vaccinations & Health Clinics. All appointments are service line specific which allows you to customize the preferences for each.
  • Create customizable work flows including appointment length & fee
  • Service line specific questionnaires
  • Service line specific marketing materials
  • Create a custom follow-up schedule
  • Personalized service specific action plans
  • Group booking, patients per appt
  • Public booking hours
  • Other public booking options including: Website copy, advance notice required, digital consent
...and more!

You can pick and choose which service lines you would like to have available to use, and turn them on or off as needed. We are always adding new service lines. To see our current list and status of each click the link below to download our service line status document.

HQ3 gives you the option to collect a digital signature from the patient. This allows you to go paperless and save the hassle of printing a consent form and having the patient sign it during the appointment. Related service line and booking site preferences also available.

In some areas a doctor is still required to support vaccination services in pharmacy. This support can require medical directives which provide you with the medical algorithms to follow in order to prescribe and dispense. HQ3 provides the platform for you to utilize medical directives.
  • Store medical directive information
  • User prescribing authority management
  • Prescription automatically picks up medical directive information per drug when needed
  • Toggle medical directive usage ON/OFF for manual overrides when needed (IE: the patient brings their own prescription).

HQ3 is configured and branded to your business. All web pages, marketing materials, reports, questionnaires & email templates can be edited to fit your business.
  • Upload your logo
  • Custom website colour
  • Custom website copy
  • Customize defaults to use your wording

We are always creating new service lines!

Summary page that can be printed.

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